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Why Sleeves For Trees?

    Why Sleeves for trees?

    We are a company founded solely on the notion of connecting people to come together for a common goal. Together we can raise awareness and promote changes that will help to reverse the damaging effects of climate change. By supporting great Non Profit Organizations we can help them achieve a common goal. Their missions include: planting more trees, this will reduce the amount of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere. Protecting endangered animals and plants in order to have a sustainable and vast ecosystem. We also support and promote organizations that create and promote more sustainable ways of living thru green energy and Eco friendly products. Our research team has not only compiled various ways to help, but have also found ways to reduce our carbon footprint during the process. Our products are USA made with organic, Eco friendly materials. We want the art to speak for itself and tell the story of our mission. We hope you enjoy our artwork as much as we do! The complex visions were put on a shirt in an Eco friendly way, so we found a process that has a low environmental impact,while having a soft durable feel. We were able to create a long lasting, extremely soft and comfortable graphic shirt. Our garments are made to last, without fading, cracking, or pilling after just a few washes. Durability=Responsibility. In the end we hope you agree, if we are going to buy clothes, buy for a great cause. After all, its our only Earth. Now it is our turn to give back and take care of our home.

    • Sleeves for trees strives to set the standard for Eco friendly and sustainable clothing.
    • Donations will be made to organizations that promote a better and pure planet.
    • We will always strive to promote quality and carbon neutral or carbon negative products.
    • Sleeves for trees will promote sustainability and ways to change consumers habits for a better planet. 
    •  Reusable tote bag with every purchase over $75.00.
    •  Made in the USA and made to order with minimal waste, or carbon impact.